Armored Knights, Inc., (“AKI”) was founded in April of 1988 and remains headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. The company is now managed by the founder’s two sons and has three generations of Knight Family members involved in the business. AKI’s core business is providing first-rate, exceptional armored car and security services, including guard services to federal, state, and private industry clients.
AKI has expanded its availability to include not only Nebraska, but Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota, while winning numerous municipal, county, and public school contracts, as well its financial institution clientele. The company remains dedicated to furthering its business relationships by offering the greatest value and most secure environments for its clients’ business needs.
The company’s Onsite Banking Program excels in providing immediate cash flow processing through use of Smart Safe technology. By taking advantage of long-term rental programs, AKI allows clients to economically and instantly secure funds while protecting it from external and internal threats. AKI experts also specialize in all facets of ATM services, also, including cash replenishment, first and second-line maintenance, installation of equipment, as well as ATM hardware storage and sales. 
With the latest technology, AKI delivers provisional credit to business partners so they can achieve greater cash flowto pay their bills and expand their businesses.  AKI maintains the same traditional mid-America values it had when founded, while extending flexible pricing and the greatest quality service in its industry.  When you phone AKI, we pride ourselves on always having a live person answers the call. So, if your business wants honest, safe, and reliable service, Armored Knights, Inc. is ready.

– Armored Car Transport
– On-Site Banking Smart Safes
– Security Guards
– ATM Services
– Governmental Services

– Smart Safes
– ATMs
– Tamper Evident Bags

– Money Straps
– Coin Boxes
– Shipment Receipts

– Log Book
– Drop Safes
– Tactical Gear
– Bullet Proof Vests