A Commitment to Security

Today more than ever, businesses and institutions are interested in protecting the safety of their customers, employees, and assets.

Nebraska • Iowa • Colorado • North Dakota • Minnesota • South Dakota


Armored Knights is dedicated to keeping our clients’ businesses and assets safe and secure.


  • Unrivaled Experience & Training
  • Certified Security and Investigation Agency
  • Law Enforcement Trained and Certified
  • Military Trained and Experienced
  • Resumes and Training Records Available

Armored Knights Services

Since our founding, Armored Knights has been committed to protecting your people, property and assets. Our people are only first-rate and our continued training to meet current and future threats allows us to provide top-of-the-line security services.

Armored Knights Products

Our cultivated product line is the security and quality first.  From smart safes, ATMs, and tamper evident bags to drop safes, tactical gear and bullet proof vests, you can be assured that the caliber provided is only top-of-the-line.

– Armored Car Transport
– On-Site Banking Smart Safes
– Security Guards
– ATM Services
– Governmental Services

– Smart Safes
– ATMs
– Tamper Evident Bags

– Money Straps
– Coin Boxes
– Shipment Receipts

– Log Book
– Drop Safes
– Tactical Gear
– Bullet Proof Vests

Armored Knights Escorts A PSA 10 Mickey Mantle rookie card

dedicated to keeping our clients’ businesses and assets safe and secure.